Stage One, Two, Three, Four

Stage One - Clearing Fields

The Clearing of a forested area, and a ball diamond are the first steps.

The Forested field will become the fourth field in the complex, and the Field replacing the Ball diamond will be a Premiere field, where most of our capital projects will take place.

Stage Two - Survey and Excavation

After clearing a number of surveys of the land will need to be done to understand slopes, and overall spacing.

Further there will need to be an understanding of run-off management, safety areas, etc.

Stage Three - Drainage Tile

After the true space are determined, proper drainage will be necessary to protect the future growth of grasses.

Stage Four - Grade, Crown, Goals

Upon completing the drainage tile laying, the fields will need new soil, and proper crowning. This is probably the large portions of the project and is best happening at the same time as the previous steps.

Lastly, proper field infrastructure, namely, goal posts, will need to be installed, among other potential items, such as border posts.

Stage Five, Six, Seven

Stage Five

Concessions and Bathrooms

Stage Six

Press Box and Video Tower

Stage Seven

Storage Facilities

Stages five through seven are a mix of long term fund raising, and publicly funded investments that provide highly needed infrastructure for improved use of the complex, and expands the potential.

Stage Eight, Nine, Ten

Stage Eight

200-400 Seat Grand Stand North

Stage Nine


Stage Ten

200-400 Seat Grand Stand South

Stages eight through ten are long term fund raising that provide highly important infrastructure to make this complex different then alternatives, particularly for Rugby facilities. These improved attributes are the ultimately way to lead to true growth of economic impact and facility usage by a wider audience, national.

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